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- DIPOXY-Crystal-Clear-Scratch-Resistant-Epoxy-Resin - 2K - DIPOXY-Crystal-Clear-Scratch-Resistant-Epoxy-Resin - 2K -

- DIPOXY-2K-700PER -

DIPOXY-2K-700PER was specially designed for thick film applications up to 10 centimeters developed. It can be used for example

"River Table" can easily be produced in one pour! The curing time is significantly longer than for

our DIPOXY-2K-700, because we had to reduce the chemothermal reaction very much to get it

To achieve layer thickness! How high you can actually pour always depends on the

Ambient temperature from and how wide and long is poured! E.g. 4.5cm high, 4cm - 18cm wide and

200cm long at a temperature of 14 ° C turned out to be very nice as an experiment! (See image)

DIPOXY-2K-700PER is a crystal-clear, low-viscosity epoxy resin and we exclusively use

"Premium quality" manufactured and sold! DIPOXY is ideal for almost

any application! For example: in the jewelry sector, table production, so-called "River Table", for

Floors, pond, aquarium and terrarium construction, as well as for boat, ship and aircraft construction. Also

Molded parts can be poured into silicone molds, for example, or carbon, aramid and

Fiber optic connections are possible. Also ideal for model making! The best

Results are achieved with our effect pearl color pigments developed for epoxy resins!


Simply select the desired amount of epoxy resin and add it to the shopping cart. Then select the color pigments and also place them in the shopping cart.

(We also have many other effect pigments in the shop)

The best results are achieved with our effect pearl color pigments developed for epoxy resins!

The solvent-free DIPOXY-2K-700PER is in a mixing ratio of 100: 32 (e.g. 100g A and 32g B)

Mass units (by weight) are mixed and can therefore be easily processed. Ideally, the

Components A and B mixed at a temperature of 10 ° C - 25 ° C. Although it is basically self-venting,

for best results, however, care should be taken to use a maximum of 250 - 350 rpm.

for about. Stir for 4 - 5 minutes until both components are well mixed and not so much air is worked into the epoxy resin mixture at the low speed!



! Danger !

As soon as both components are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs, in which heat slowly occurs

is released. Depending on how high the finished mixture is in a container, the heat cannot be rapid

enough to be discharged through the surface. If you don't process it immediately, the following rule always applies:

"Better to leave it wide and flat than tall and narrow!"

Depending on what you want to do, the following information from our experiments will help you. You can of course also use more material!

All information is provided without warranty!

The rough rule for consumption is:

1kg = 1mm height per 1m² (1m x 1m)

Consumption quantities DIPOXY-2K-700PER for floor coating (private and commercial):

Primer (mostly black, white or transparent)

0.4 - 0.6 kg per m² (0.4 - 0.6 mm per m²)

Color effect layer (middle layer)

1 - 3 kg per m² (1 - 3 mm per m²)

Sealing (final layer is not absolutely necessary)

1 - 2 kg per m² (1 - 2 mm per m²)

Consumption amounts of effect pearl pigment for floor coating (private and commercial):

Depending on how thin you want to apply, you need between 5g and 25g of the epoxy compound (by weight) of pigments per kg.


Consumption quantities DIPOXY-2K-700PER for casting projects (river table):

Primer (mostly transparent)

0.2 - 0.4 kg per m² (0.2 - 0.4 mm per m²)


Color effect layer (middle layer)

10-11 kg per m² (approx. 1 cm per m²)

Sealing (final layer is not absolutely necessary)

1 - 2 kg per m² (1 - 2 mm per m²)

Consumption quantities of effect pearl pigment for casting projects (river table):

Depending on how transparent everything should be, you need between 0.5g and 15g of the epoxy mass (by weight) of pigments per kg.


Processing time / drip time:

at 10 ° C approx. 360-600min.
at 20 ° C approx. 240-480min.
at 30 ° C approx. 120-360min.
over 30 ° C is possible, but without a time limit!

Final strength:
at 10 ° C at least 7 days for walking and 4 weeks for heavy exercise.
at 20 ° C at least 5 days for walking and 3 weeks for heavy exercise.
at 30 ° C for at least 3-4 days for walking and 1-2 weeks for heavy exercise.

1 year / ideal at 10-25 ° C, dry and protected from direct sunlight!

If, contrary to expectations, you should have a problem or just want more information, just give us a call!
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