Dipoxy Premium 2 Component Silicone Type S1 Dubling Silicone Soft for Epoxy Resin, Concrete, Soap, Wax, etc.

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- Dipoxy Premium 2 component silicone type S1 duplicating silicone 

 for epoxy resin, concrete, soap, wax, etc. -

  DIPOXY-2K-S1 Premium silicone is used for the production of flexible forms (see example pictures) for the casting of casting resins, plaster of paris, concrete, soap, etc ... and the manufacture of tools for composite applications. The S1 Premium silicone can also be used to produce self-separating molds for decorative parts. Food safe. Heat resistant up to 250 ° C.

  There is a possibility of curing the DIPOXY-2K-S1 Premium silicone to accelerate. Hardening for 3.5-4 hours at a maximum of 60 ° C must not be exceeded here! However, it could result in greater shrinkage and greater hardness! The reaction time is 4-10 hours.

- polyaddition crosslinking
- Very good reproduction accuracy
- Low viscosity (at 23 ° C / 10,000 mPas)
- Very little shrinkage
- Good tensile strength
- Room temperature vulcanizing (RTV)
- Very easy processing

- Not flammable

- Not toxic
- Not corrosive
- Solvent-free

    Mixing ratio: 1: 1 By weight

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